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 The History [ Welcome & Plot ]

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The History [ Welcome & Plot ] Empty
PostSubject: The History [ Welcome & Plot ]   The History [ Welcome & Plot ] EmptySun Apr 12, 2015 1:11 am

[ Welcome to Eventide ]

Eventide is a world created to allow users to escape from reality. We are a friendly, growing bunch and we really hope that you will want to come and join us! We are a semi-literate, other realm role play. Here you'll find creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and even a few fallen angels. Of course, we've got some humans mingled in there, too! 
Are you interested in joining us? Then please continue reading our history...

The Secret Society

It was very quickly that the supernatural creatures discovered that the booming city of New York would be a wonderous place for them to thrive. Lurking in the shadows exists vampires, werewolves, and fallen angels. Unknowlingly to the humans, these creatures live among them and thrive in the society. Though some are dark, some are good, too. Whichever side you choose, is completely up to you.

Are you still interested?

Please continue to our rules and guidelines, and if you're still interested, check out our species list...
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The History [ Welcome & Plot ]
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