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 Genvieve Pilatele

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PostSubject: Genvieve Pilatele   Genvieve Pilatele EmptyMon Apr 13, 2015 5:10 am

Through the mist and neon lights emerged a lonely soul into the eventide. Who are they? Shall they be welcomed? What is their fate?

Genvieve Pilatele

Appears about 19 -- Actual age is unknown



Coven/Clan - Rank
Serpenta - Leader

Susan Coffey

Genevieve did not lead the best of human lives. Before she was changed into a vampire, she endured horrible punishments from her family. She'd grown up in a lovely family, or so they seemed. Because of this, there are jagged scars that cover her porcelain back which she now keeps covered at all times. Apart from these horrifying scars, she has brilliant red hair and beautiful amber-gold eyes. She stands at about 5'8", and she has a slender figure like most of her kind. You can usually find her wearing things that are either black or red, as they are her favorite colors. As a leader of such a regal coven, she likes to keep herself well groomed. Don't be shocked to find her lurking in The Lounge in black looking for her next victim, though. During these times she's looking her most fabulous.

Genvieve likes to take care of herself. She is a very regal figure, and she commands respect everywhere she goes. She adores being in the spotlight, and any attention she gets she loves. She is a woman of perfection, or at least she thinks. She likes to believe that she doesn't have a tendency to get angry at trivial things, though she would be lying if she said that she didn't. She gets angry at simple, little things. This is probably because for all of her vampire life she has been given everything she wanted, and she's also the leader of the high council, so why would she need to complain? Besides this, those who come close to her she is very protective of.

Genevieve was born on a small farm somewhere in Europe. She's too old now to remember those desolate human days. What she does remember, though, is the abuse and torment she endured in those times. The scars on her back just prove what she tragically endured. She can't remember why she was beaten, but she just remembers the pain. This is prpbably why she is so harsh -- perhaps its revenge for what she went through. She hardly tolerates humans. She believes that they are stupid creatures that understand nothing of the world.

As a vampire, Genevieve achieved some wonderful feats. She is now the leader of the vampire High Council and she is also the leader of her own coven, Serpenta, which she cares for dearly. She finds herself living a peaceful life now, unless she crosses a werewolf or something. With that, she probably won't be too enthusiastic.

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Genvieve Pilatele
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