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 Savannah Dubrinsky

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Through the mist and neon lights emerged a lonely soul into the eventide. Who are they? Shall they be welcomed? What is their fate?

Played by:

Savannah Dubrinsky 




Coven/Clan - Rank

Naomi Scott 

Human Photo:


Wolf Photo:


Human- Savannah is a slim young woman, her eyes are a warm chocolate brown that matches her naturally wavy hair that snakes down below her shoulder blades. She stands at a very comfortable height of five foot five inches, with her weight being a hundred and thirty five pounds. She may be small in stature but she packs one helleva wallop if she gives you a punch. Her waist dips in slightly, giving her a pleasing shape to look at. Her skin is a light tan from all the time she spent outdoors learning basic survival lessons from her parents and photographing the wildlife as a hobby. Her lips are a natural pink and she wears mostly a light bit of make-up to blend in with her skin. She wears her hair down so that it frames her young face, but when she is working out she will put it back into a ponytail. She prefers wearing a light 100% cotton tee-shirt and a pair of comfortable flare leg blue jeans that ride her hips. For shoes she wears a size eight and a half sneakers.

Wolf- Her wolf is still rather young in spirit but she is usually happy to be free when it is the time of the shift. Her pelt has the soft tones of early autumn. Tan is the most prominent color. Mixed with reds and a light shadingof browns, this girl blends nicely within the shadows as she hunts for rabbits and deer. She shys a bit at males that she doesn't know just as her human form does, because of a run in with a young male from a pack that took over her home territory. A young male who took advantage of her and slaughtered her pack. She is reserved around new comers but once she gets to know them she will begin to relax. Savannah's wolf stands at 30 inches at the shoulders and weighs roughly around 85 pounds (not sure if this is correct height and weight).

With both human and wolf shying from males, it's a hard life to live. Never mind being on the run from one whom wishes to claim her. Savannah is a sweet girl. She has a very loving personality and will gladly  welcome anyone who wishes to be a friend. With guys though it may take a bit for her be be comfortable around. She enjoys classical instrumental music. Her favorite instrument to listen to is the chinese erhu. 

Savannah Dubrinsky, where to begin with this young blossom? She was born to a father who was an ex-marine turned naturalist, slash survivalist. Her mother had chosen the life of a police officer to keep any sniffing around away from their pack as well as others of their kind and to keep the fanatics from storming their town. Her parents were not the greedy, eager to prove and move up in rank kind, no. Instead they had stayed as the warriors of the pack, taking pleasure in the simple things in a simple, sleepy town. Her father had taught her the hard lessons growing up while her mother taught her the love. No, her father wasn't the abusive type to her or her mother, hardly, for they were the type that shined with love every time their eyes met. No, the hard lessons that her father taught her was how to shoot, how to kill when necessary. He had even taken his little bumpkin on long camping trips and nature walks so that she learned to live off the land when not in her wolf form. He taught her to hunt and track while out there as well and she excelled in these and even found it fun when she stalked her father through the dense under growth. Her mother on the other hand taught her to love. To have compassion for the little man, and to have faith that everything was meant  to happen. Oh don't get me wrong, Savannah's pack was anything but weak or lovey dovey. They were like any other pack that had its ups and downs, including the rambunctious juveniles that made the grown ups snarl and shake their heads. But in the Duranki household, welcome was extended to human and werewolf alike to keep up appearances.

The town that she had lived in was one where everyone knew everybody and what the latest gossip was. But the time of Savannah's change was kept quiet, as was all pack related things so as not to give themselves away to the nutters and draw them into their town. Another pack had laid claim to another town not far from their own and they had become restless in the passing years. Two of their own had come into their change three years before but had declined the list of available mates within their own pack. These two boys wanted new blood. Fresh blood, and so had sent word to the Alphas of Savannah's pack requesting any female who had changed or was on the verge of their change. At this time, Savannah's own change was drawing nearer by the day and her name had been added to a very short list of available females.  She had been growing increasingly restless herself, throwing off pheromones and attracting every guy in her school it seemed. She had even caught her English teacher staring at her a few times. Fear and excitement courses through her as her sixteenth birthday was just two days away. The school day had flown by and she found herself walking back to her home. As she, walked the hair stood up on the back of her neck and a feeling of being watched raised goosebumps along her arms. She turned to look behind her and saw a blue grand am rolling by. Once the car had passed and turned down a different road, the feeling of being watched left her. For a fifteen year old who had something important on her mind she thought nothing of the car and soon found herself home again.

When the next day came around Savannah had woken with a fever like symptom, feeling like her skin was itching and too tight. Her mother had called her school informing them that she was ill and wouldn't be coming in for a few days. It was time. Her change would be soon. So she packed a sleeping bag and a few changes of clothes into her hiking pack to take to a spot she had previously selected to make her change. However, before she had even made it down the stairs, the doorbell rang. When she reached the bottom of the steps she was greeted by a shocking sight. Her mother was ushering in their own alpha pair and their beta, followed by four male strangers. Two of the strangers were young, possibly a few years older than herself. Everyone was shown into the dining room and refreshments were quickly passed around for the honored guests. Savannah had sat next to her parents on one side of the table across from the two boys and their father, while their own alpha pair had taken the spot of honor at the head of the table. Introductions were made, introducing the four strangers as the Alpha male from the neighboring pack; his own beta and his two sons. The beta had taken up post on one side of the room, his eyes constantly moved, searching for possible dangers, should any present themselves. Impatience was obvious as the Alpha male kept glancing to the leaders of Savannah's pack and so they dove right in on the subject of an alliance between both packs. A mating that would cement a friendship between the two packs was an ideal way to go and Savannah would be the lucky lady to carry the honor of the arrangement. As the adults conversed, Savannah had noticed the two males eyeing her hungrily and a shiver of foreboding had snaked its way down her spine. She hadn't liked them at all. When she had looked into their eyes she had seen a glint of red in their depths. Savannah had stiffened along with her parents when her Alphess asked her to choose one of the young men. It was an honor to have this asked of her and she would have done it gladly, had it been any other than these two. She had never been defiant to her leaders, but this had been too much. In a calm voice, but with anger flashing in her brown optics she told them all respectfully that she could not decide right then. She then excused herself and grabbed her bag, hurrying out the back door to stride across the lawn.

Savannah paused when she heard her name called and turned to see the brothers standing on her patio. Both were tall and lean, with long arms draped in wiry muscle and covered with skin colored in a golden hued tan. The older looking one had a head of black hair where the younger brother had dark brown. They both acted charming, trying to convince her to choose one of them, but that was all it was. An act, to which Savannah could clearly see right through. With how she was feeling, she was in no mood to talk to the two creeps and she angrily told them that she didn't like either of them and that she refused the match. The older brother's charming demeanor changed abruptly, his eyes flaring an angry red, reflecting the inner truth of what he was really like at her refusal. He took a threatening step towards her, his voice lowering in a threatening tone. "One way or another, you will be mine," he said with a dark growl. With that Savannah turned on her sneakered heel, showing them her back, and entered the woods.

That first night in the woods by herself went well, if you could call it that. She was restless, feeling energized. She spent the rest of that day working out by running and lifting heavy logs and rocks. By that night, she was a little tired but couldn't sleep. Instead she watched the almost full moon track across the sky and picked out constellations when the stars appeared. Towards morning she drifted off into a restless sleep were dreams of sweat slicked bodies entwining, and running over the land plagued her. She had only slept a short while and when the sun had reached its quarter zenith, she woke to a feeling of intense claustrophobia so she shed her clothes. Her mouth ached, her hands and her feet hurt, and she knew that it wouldn't be long until her change was upon her. Savannah noticed that her sense of hearing and smell had sharpened and she had decided to try hunting. At the end of the day, Savannah returned to her campsite with a two field dressed rabbits. Her appetite had increased the closer her change came and she couldn't resist the small game. Soon she had a small fire going and had spitted both rabbits, setting them to cook. Night had fallen fast and soon the moon was just peeking her eye over the horizon. Eagerness and fear swamped her, but she didn't let them overrun her senses. She felt the restlessness return and she stripped her clothes from her body to be more comfortable as she waited for the moon to rise fully and the change begin.

She was so hungry that she couldn't wait for the rabbits to fully cook and so ate them still raw on the inside. Her hearing acute, her sense of smell heightened, the hair stood up along her arms and the back of her neck when she felt that she wasn't alone. She had stood to her feet, chocolate eyes scanning the surrounding area while her nostrils flared trying to take in any scent that whirled about her campsite. A scent she didn't know whistled about her, filling her nose with the pungent scent of blood and musk. It had her leaping to her feet and to take up a defensive stance, her hands reaching for a long thick branch to use as a weapon.  What came out of the woods shocked her. A young man, naked completely and covered in blood, strode purposely from the shadows and into her fires light. His eye glowed a piercing demonic red and he shook his short black hair out from his eyes to run them over her own naked body. He had grinned at her as if she were his prey, not saying anything. It was the older brother from the neighboring pack and he looked like he wanted to eat her. Savannah backed up, bring the branch up to hold it as if it were a baseball bat, but the brother was not intimidated by the weapon. Instead he crouched low from across the fire, as if hunting, a deep rumbling growl escaping his throat as he stalked forward. Savannah's eyes had narrowed, and she kept backing up. Then it happened so fast she was caught off guard. Arms snaked behind her, grabbing her weapon and tossing it away. She was pushed towards the older brother and he caught her around the waist, laughing cruelly as he grabbed her hair and forced her to the ground on her knees. He yanked her head back so that she stared into his face, "I told you, one way or another, you're mine you little bitch." Defiance show in her eyes as the fire's light played over her face and her fist shot out to club him in the throat. The blow never landed for he saw the movement. He blocked it easily and then his own fist came at her, and everything went black.

Finally the moon had risen high enough that it bathed the land in is loving embrace. Savannah rose out of the ocean of darkness, only to be engulfed in a sea of pain. She cried out from the hurt and found that she could only open one eye. Her hand slowly moved up to touch her face, finding it swollen and damp. The rest of her hurt enormously but not as much as she hurt inside. She sat up slowly, and looked through her good eye, seeing that she was alone and the fire dying down. She had no idea that she had been brutally beaten and taken advantage of. All she knew was that her body hurt. Suddenly, a new kind of pain consumed her, making her cry out anew and clutch her stomach.

It happened slowly, Savannah could feel her bones popping and cracking as they rearranged themselves. Fur sprouted along her naked, bruised, and battered body, erupting along her arms to travel down her stomach to her toes. Her mouth elongated into a muzzle, making room for the larger canine teeth. She watched in fascination as her hands slowly turned into large paws. When her hips reformed and her spine lengthened, she dropped to all fours, panting and whining through the pain of her transformation. Then it disappeared as the change was completed, taking with it the pain of her brutal beating. It's was done, she was a wolf. She had stood there in her campsite, a sandy brown pelted wereling and she was a mess of confused feelings. She wanted to cry at what the boys had done to her human body, she wanted to sing with her new voice to the stars and to fly across the land like in her dreams. But the only thing she did was go to her wood pile and grabbed log after log one at a time between her newly formed jaws and put them into the fire. She then lay on her sleeping roll to stare at the fire, watching it flare to life and the flames lick the wood. She stayed like that until the moon sank below the horizon and the sun burst it's golden colors over the earth. Then she changed back to her human form, returning to the bone shattering pain of the brutality. She hurriedly dressed as fast as her bruised body would allow, packed her things and limped her way back home. At the edge of the woods of her backyard, Savannah stopped. With her sense of smell acute, Savannah could smell the scent of strange wolves permeating the area. She looked at the back of her house but could see nothing wrong. A warning bell went off in her head and she sprinted to her home, yanking the back door open and rushing inside only to stop dead in horror. The inside of the house had been torn to shreds. Huge gouges tore across the walls. Blood splattered all over everything in long ropes and most of the furniture was destroyed. Tira ran through the house calling for her parents fearfully, but only silence had greeted her. Finally, she made it to the living room and there, sitting on a side table that hadn't been broken, in the middle of the room was a long necked vase with a single red rose. Below that was a small box with a little bow on it and a note. Savannah walked slowly to the table, her body trembling with fear and sorrow, picked up the note and read it. Dearest Savannah, I hope these rings are suitable for our wedding. Your mother and father wanted us to have them..." she stopped reading the note, letting it flutter out of her limp hand to settle in the wreckage of the living room. Slowly, she lifted the lid of the box and to her horror she saw the two ring fingers of her parents inside still baring their wedding bands.

Roleplay Example:
She looked around the destroyed home that had just a day ago, had been warm and inviting. Now it was in shambles with blood smearing the walls and furniture smashed to pieces. Tears rolled down her cheeks, the salt stinging her wounded cheek, from her soft doe eyes as she thoroughly soaked the house in gasoline. Her type must never leave any trace of what they were behind. Before she soaked her own bedroom she gathered together some clothes and memorabilia into a backpack then grabbed a thin silver necklace to put her parents wedding rings on. More tears tracked down her cheeks as she lovingly stroked them. 

Quickly though, she soaked her room as well. The poster of Dwayne Johnson looking out as she did. She had gone to the safe in her father's study and took the money there and also a passport with her picture and a fake name. There where many other documents there and she grabbed the essentials that would help her to get over any boarders. At the front door of her home, her tears had stopped and a firm determination gripped her as she lit the homemade torch in her hand. She watched the flame take hold as a mask of anger passed over her face. Then with a scream of anger she hurled it into her house. It caught instantly and with a whoosh the entire house was engulfed in flame with a lone figure walking away, clutching a pair of rings around her neck.

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Savannah Dubrinsky
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