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 General Rules & Guidelines

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General Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: General Rules & Guidelines   General Rules & Guidelines EmptySun Apr 12, 2015 1:34 am

We ask that you please read all of our rules thoroughly. These rules are meant to keep the site going peacefully and has your best interest in mind! Thank you.

]] Eventide has an age requirement of thirteen years old. This is due to some of content as well as to keep you safe. Feel free to curse if you wish, just don't over do it, please! We want to respect all members, and all members may not be comfortable with that sort of language. Furthermore, when it comes to sexual scenes we do not allow smut. There may be kissing and such, but if there is sex we ask that you skip that scene please. This is to keep all of our members safe as well as comfortable.

]] On all forums we expect OOC (out of character) activity to be appropriate and kind! We will not tolerate any sort of rudeness amongst members. If you are found harrassing or being mean to members, you will be banned from the website. This site is meant to be an escape for people, so lets keep it that way!

]] As fo IC (in character) posts, we require a minimum of six sentences. We want you to go forward with your writing skills. We encourage you to write more if you wish, but this our minimum for all posts.

]] All IC posts must be in the third person. Example: "She walked down the road." Do NOT do: "I walked down the road". This is to keep a nice flow to the posts!

]] Everyone is allowed to start off with two characters. These two characters must be auditioned, though, and you are not allowed to start posting in IC areas until you have done so. Once your character has been accepted, the Admin will repost your form in the "accepted characters" section. If you've read this much, please mention rollercoaster in you sign your character up -- you'll see where! To edit your form, you will have to contact an Admin. This is so that members do not edit their forms with something that wouldn't be allowed without the Admin's permission.

]] God-modding and mary-sues will not be tolerated. God-modding is when a character overpowers another character without that persons permission. Mary-Sues are characters that are flawless. Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect, and no one is the best!

]] We ask that you remain active on the site. We will keep watch on all members activity. If you haven't posted within two weeks, you will receive a warning. If you know that you will not be active for awhile, please post it in our Absense or Leaving thread in the OOC Chat Forum. Thank you.

]] You will only have one account on the website. Your username must be your alias, and you cannot change it. You will play each of your characters from this account.

]] We have a six sentence minimum on all posts -- so basically one paragraph! We won't be harsh with this rule, we just want to make sure you're being serious with your posts Smile
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General Rules & Guidelines
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