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 Gregori Daratrazanoff

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PostSubject: Gregori Daratrazanoff   Gregori Daratrazanoff EmptyMon Apr 13, 2015 5:35 pm

Through the mist and neon lights emerged a lonely soul into the eventide. Who are they? Shall they be welcomed? What is their fate?

Gregori Daratrazanoff

Age: 22



Coven/Clan - Rank

Face Claim: David Boreanaz

Human Photo:


Wolf Photo:


Apoearance: Human- Gregori is a tall guy, standing at six foot three and with his athletic, muscular build he weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds. This devilish charmer has medium short, thick, jet black hair. His eyes tend to be silver in color and will turn hard as ice if he doesn't get what he wants. Though he does defer to higher ranking and of course the Alpha. He has broad shoulders with thick muscular arms that any girl would just die to have wrapped around them. His hips narrow at the waist but not too much, just enough to make it look good. His skin tone is dark but not coppery, from his life lived out on the island with the rest of his pack and family. Large hands does he have that would make anyone hesitate to get into a scrap with him. But scraps is what has happened all his life. Scars mar his body from the many fights he has been in as well as training.

Wolf- Gregori's wolf is very well established within him. Often they consult with each other as well as their brother Darius on battle tactics. His pelt is as dark as his hair, thick and blending into the night with only his silver orbs glowing like two moons fallen to earth. His height is t thirty-two inches at the shoulders and weighs in at one hundred and fifteen pounds. Beware this wolf, for he is like his counter part, always getting what he wants but again, deferring to the higher ranking.

One would describe in a summary of Gregori, as a spoiled brat. Though don't say it to his face unless you wish to either end up on the ground with a few missing teeth and purpled bruises, or end up with your throat ripped out. Gregori is someone that when he wants something, nothing will stand in his way. He will slay anyone or anything that tries to stop him. He is a dark man. Grown up learning and encouraged to know that he could take what he wanted, when he wanted. Fighting is what he loves and will accept any who wish to test their mettle.

He loves to stalk the night, creeping up on camping humans or hunters. To hear their screams of fear as he chases them down and shred them apart. He too can be a charmer with the ladies, seducing them and then leaving them with nothing but his seed. Gregori is not one to back down from a fight and will take a challenger on if they wish a fight. Of the clothing from the town, Gregori has taken a liking to blue jeans and t-shirts. He will wear shoes when out in public but every chance he gets he always tears them off to let his feet touch the earth.

History: Of the four children born to a concubine and sired by the Alpha male, Gregori is the eldest. Following him are his two younger brothers Darius and Gabriel, and their little sister Desari. Now before these pups were born their grandfather had been a cruel man and leader. Tearing out the throat of any, if he should be angry for no reason whatsoever. Now not only did Grandfather Daratrazanoff have a foul and easily provoked temper, he possessed a black heart of cruelty and greed. For hours he would torture his own concubines, reveling in their pain, blood, and tears as he slashed at their naked skins and tore the flesh from their bones. He led his pack, a pack that was filled with as much greed and blood lust as he, across the land to take what they wanted, when they wanted. But they were careful about it. Always careful to make sure that the fanatics never sniffed around. If they did, his pack were quick to point the condemning finger at a rival pack. Many times did they take over their neighboring werewolves, spilling the blood of the males and boy children, raping the women and the young girls, to carry them off as loot and a way to expand their gene pool. Oh, they didn't forget the treasures that the targets had in their homes, fore they took those as well. Money, jewels, anything and everything they could get their hands on that was not either broken or burned.

Then, as if over night, it all stopped. Years passed and all was still quiet, no news, no sign at all. Small packs started to slowly creep warily in again. Laying claim to the Daratrazanoff territory little by little and then the stories began. For years no one had vanished without a trace. For years people could go out walking their pets at night without fear of seeing a monster from the fairy tale books. Everyone had forgotten. A large swamp lay at the far outskirts of the Daratrazanoff territory. At its center, a one thousand acre of solid ground was an ideal place to hunt, for both human and wereling alike. Soon stories started circling the nearby town. Hunters going to the swamp and never returning. High school students daring the dark were never seen not heard of again. No traces could be found of the hunters or children and so the place had the name haunted plastered in front of it. News of the number of missing people floated to the ears of the new packs of the areas and so had sent a few of each to investigate the island. They had found that it was inhabited by a large pack of their own kind. Sure, the scouting party had been allowed into the interior of the island without being harassed, don't think the sentries hadn't noticed them for they did. They were introduced to a new reigning Alpha. His name was Lucian Daratrazanoff, the only remaining son of the previous Alpha. The wereling scouting party then left after half a day of getting to know the island pack. Taking with them regards of the Alpha male and his two sons and a plea of suitable mates for alliances.

But in the Alphas' heart there lurked that of his father. Greed and cruelty hugging him tightly and so began a plot in taking over the pitiful packs that surrounded them. Lucian brought his two eldest sons, Gregori and Darius, the ones whom were ready for taking a mate or concubines and had done well in carving out a name for themselves inside the pack. Eagerness sang in their blood. To wet their appetite on larger game than the mere weakling human hunters or stray student that had invaded their land. The young boys wanted an adversary that didn't know who they were or how they fought, to instill the fear again like their grandfather before them. Word had spread throughout the werewolf community, of a large pack that had hidden itself away and were now reemerging after years of silence and solitude. But what they didn't know was that the island pack had not merely disappeared, they had let one of their own, a different one, come to the town each year to bring back news and such. On occasion a human so that their pack might play, and learn to hunt the weaker species that deemed itself superior above everything else. To keep the building plot from being discovered, the island pack let envoys from the surrounding packs bring to them the names of possible mates to make matches and make alliances with. Lucian had tempted his two sons with a secret gift, they may choose out of the coming war, three women for themselves before the Alpha himself had his pick of the loot. Such was an honor it was that the sons eagerly, and greedily accepted the proposal.

The time came then, for the Alpha and his sons, along with their beta, to journey forth to meet with the available women whom would have the honor of being their possible mates. The sons declined the offers of the surrounding packs but Darius had an eye on one that he liked and had told them so. She would be his mate. Then, they came to the pack in which Savannah Dubrinsky dwelled. Her family were not high ranking and the Alphas of her pack had no daughters. But they had gone to three other homes first to see if the brothers eyes would stray. When they did not, the Dubrinsky family was their only hope left for an alliance with the island pack. The Daratrazanoff sons were then led into the home of a soon to be sixteen year old girl, whom was soon to make her first change any day. As soon as the island werelings walked through the front door they could smell her. Her scent was soaked into everything, the pheromones sliding across their skins like tempting lovers. She was nearing her first heat and her change would be soon. Then the brothers saw her. Her hair like that of chocolate, framing an oval face in which doe eyes look out at them with shock. Lips with a light shade of pink lipstick blended perfectly with her skin tone. Her skin tone was a lovely shade of golden tan and her body was the athletic build of their kind, with curves that just begged to be touched and breasts that pushed up high from her  restraining bra. Her eyes smoldered with an inner fire when her initial shock was over and her mother ushered them all into the dining room. Hunger to taste that luscious bottom lip had need slamming through Gregori as he stared at her from across the large dinning room table. Naughty thoughts of what he wanted to do to her raced through his mind and he looked over at his brother whom was also staring at her hungrily. Right then, Gregori had decided that he wanted Savannah. He wanted to possess her, to make her his. He wanted to watch as she crawled across the floor on all fours and beg him to let her please him. His father however had different plans and couldn't give a damn about which girl his sons chose, for it was only a ruse to make them think that the island wolves had changed their ways in pillaging and plundering. But Savannah was at the top of Gregori's list of plunder. He would have her, and nothing would stand in his way.

Roleplay Example: 
Now, two years later, he was in a new state. Fury beat at him as he tried unsuccessfully to find that which was his and his alone. His father and Darius had tried to sway him from his hunt but he had not listened and had travel here. To find that bitch that thought to escape him, to defy and deny what was rightfully his. So close had his goons been that one time, but not close enough and they had learned what it was like to displease him, to fail him. Now he had to do it himself. It had been days and still he had not heard a word from the two cronies that had given him a lead. They were on her trail and closing fast they had said. Then nothing. Had they not found her? Had they run off? If it was either, he would hunt them down himself and when he caught them, he would rip the skin from them slowly. One piece at a time and leave them for the crows to feed on. Stupid shifter wolves they were. Gregori curled his lip as he thought about the impure mutts that he had hired. Useless, nothing, they deserved to be wiped from the face of the earth. A car passed him quickly, the air tugging at his long black trench coat as if to pull him along in its wake. He walked down the side walk with his head down in deep thought. His senses keen as he avoided touching the passerbys that also walked there. A woman walking a german shepherd drew closer and the dog starting going bezerk, lunging, barking, snarling at Gregori only to be pulled back by its owner. She apologized profusely but he only glared at her with cold hatred, then growled at her dog. It coward and started to slink away,whining in fear.  The girl looked at him in shock and fear as she hurriedly followed after her companion. He would find Savannah, and when he did, he would do more than snarl. He would show her what he was really like. Punish her for the state without permission. He would find her, for she was his and his alone.

Joining Words:

How Did You Find Us: I am Safi
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PostSubject: Re: Gregori Daratrazanoff   Gregori Daratrazanoff EmptyMon Apr 13, 2015 10:39 pm


You may now post in the different forums. A character page will be created for Gregori momentarily. He will be added to the species page, who-plays-who, and faceclaims.
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Gregori Daratrazanoff
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