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 Snack Before Dinner

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PostSubject: Snack Before Dinner   Snack Before Dinner EmptyTue Apr 14, 2015 7:31 pm

Music pumped loud and fast out of the building, as He watched her walk out of the night club. Lighting up a cigarette, she pulled on it, it seemed to him, like a lover. His blood started to heat as erotic images drifted through his mind. He had been watching her for a few weeks and had her schedule memorized. Anticipation had his blood roiling. The beast within him pushing hungrily to the surface. Anticipation of the hunt had his mouth watering as the beast raged within.

It was a warm night, so she had worn a small tank top. The hem of her shirt was high, showing off her flat belly. A thin dark skirt drifted down to her knees, the light breeze making it look like fingers caressing her. For shoes she wore three inch square heeled boots that ran up her calves. Her deep golden hair was hastily put up in a messy ponytail, but her makeup was done so that it looked like it wasn't even there. She was thin and curvy, and with the boots on, they made her seem to have long legs. She only weighed a hundred and twenty pounds sopping wet. He half smiled to himself, confident that he would be able to get to her. Walking across the street to the club, the predator put on a charming smile as he walked past her. Almost brushing up against her, for the crowd outside was thick.

She glanced up as a very tall, dark and handsome man walked across the street, passing by her to enter the club. He looked at her with a hungry expression and smiled charmingly as he passed. It had her heart racing in fear and excitement. He brushed so close to her that she could smell the enticing scent of his cologne. It made her insides clench in arousal.

As he entered he gave a nod to the bouncer. She watched as his blue clad jeans disappeared into the crush of bodies, writhing with sexual tension to the beat. A shiver ran over her, though it wasn't cold out side at all. She rubbed her arms as she went back inside the night club. At the bar she ordered a beer and sat there to drink it. Her gaze stole around the room as the music kept pumping out. She had come to Club Zero for a relaxing drink and maybe a dance or two, for she had had a long and tiring workday at the convenience store. She searched the crowd looking for the hungry green eyed man. He had dark, possibly black hair that had a messy look was short but not too short. He wore a white wife beater shirt that came down to the pockets on his blue wranglers. He looked well built, and she had to admit, very yummy looking. She spotted him out on the dance floor with an attractive brunette, he was hugged to her back as they danced intimately. His hands were on her hips and his mouth by her ear. The brunette said something then, eliciting a wolfish grin from the man and a kiss on her ear. The brunette giggled as as she escaped his arms, twirling into the awaiting hands of another man that hugged an arm around her middle, drawing her protectively closer while he glared a challenge at the handsome stranger. The stranger looked at the challenger and shrugged his shoulders then turned to make his way off the dance floor to the bar.

He glanced at the bar as he made his way up and spotted the woman out of the corner of his eye, but instead of saddling up next to her to order a drink, he ignored her and approached the bar a few bodies down. He wanted to play the game of cat and mouse, make her adrenaline pump at thinking he was after her. His Mojito arrived and he quickly glanced towards the door as if expecting some one. He wasn't expecting anyone, he just used it as an excuse to look in the dark golden haired woman's direction. He breathed deeply, the scent of sweat and desire was heavy in the air but he was skilled in using his senses to sifted through the many that presented themselves. What he hit in was her, the girl that he had been watching for a while. Her scent spiraled around him, making him eager, but not stupid. He was ravenous for blood, for the echo of delicious screams.

She grabbed her beer then hopped off the bar stool. She was looking one way as she walked, searching for a table to sit at when she knocked into someone going the opposite way, her beer slipped from her hand to shatter on the floor. The person steadied her as she was about to fall back on her butt. When she looked up she saw the hungry green eyes staring down at her. "Are you alright miss?" He asked in a deep, rumbling, concerned tone. "Forgive me I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Its alright," she said brushing at the spilled drink from her skirt, "I'm fine no harm done". He watched her movements as if entranced by her then shook his head, returning his eyes back to her amber ones. "Well let me buy you another drink, as an apology." He said with that charming smile. They made their way back to the bar, and he asked for a beer for her. She took it gladly as he paid the tab. She took a long pull from the bottle and then she looked at Hungry Eyes. "You want to dance" she asked, almost shouting to be heard. He grinned and nodded. They made their way to the dance floor with drinks in hand, it was another lively song, and she got close, but not to close, for her heart started pumping loudly with the feeling of danger pressing on her.

When the song ended, the woman went over to the table they had picked to get her thin coat. Then went outside for a smoke. Hungry Eyes followed her lead, and they made their way out the door. The golden haired woman took out a cigarette and lit it. Hungry Eyes also took out a cigarette, and asked for a light. When she obliged, he smoothly slipped closer cupping his hands gently around hers that held the flame. He starred into her eyes as he lit the cigarette, making her heart pound against her ribs, and take small quick breaths. her chest began to heaved slightly against her blouse, enticing him to look down, but he didn't. "My name is Gregori, by the way," Hungry Eyes said as he leaned back against the building taking a drag of the cigarette.

"Lily," she ventured, exhaling a cloud of smoke. She stood a good distance from him, but the dangerous feeling didn't leave her as she gazed at Gregori. He was indeed handsome, and she felt her body call out to his for release. His eyes drifted down to her luscious lips, hungry to feel their softness, but he didn't stray any farther. "You are quite beautiful Lily," he stated, his gaze returning to her chocolate colored eyes.

Lily blushed at his openness, coloring her cheeks an attractive pink. "Ah, thank you." She said a bit hesitantly. She took a last drag then put out the cigarette to save the rest for later. Gregori had already finished his. "I'm sorry Lily, I didn't mean to embarrass you," he said grinning at her, "I only thought to state a fact."

"Oh it's ok," she said laughing, "Do you want to dance again?" She asked. She kinda hoped he would say yes and also hoped he would say no. Gregori shook his head, "I can't I have to go home." He replied. She let out a mental sigh of relief but deep down she felt a little disappointed. God what was wrong with her? "Oh, do you have someone waiting for you?" She asked curiously. Again Gregori shook his head. "Do you have to work?" She asked again.

"Something like that." He said with a gleam in his eyes. Lily's heart kicked up a gear, as he grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips. His kiss scorched her hand, sending a warning through her head but making butterflies take flight in her stomach. "Thank you for your name and the dance," he said huskily. He then leaned over and brushed a feather light kiss on her cheek, making her breath hard with desire.It had been some time since she had been with a man and this man was dangerous and arousing, confusing her senses while muddling her thoughts.

She watched as he made his way through the crowd out front and disappear into the dark of night. Her eyes resting on his ass as it disappeared through the throng. Desire licked its way through her as she made her way back inside the club. A half hour later had her exiting the club. She stopped outside then went around the side of the building  to an alleyway. As she took the alley she thought of the classic guy mugging the woman who stupidly walked down a dark spooky alley and shook her head. The only thing was, the alley was the shortest route to her apartment. She felt the sensation of being watched crawled down her spine. She paused mid stride and whipped around. Her actions startling a stray cat as it jumped on top of a trash can.

She smiled as the cat streaked away, then chuckled at her jumpy nerves. Just as she turned around to continue on her way, a hand snaked out of the darkness to wrap around her mouth. Another hand snaked around her waist, pulling her back against a hard warm chest. She started to struggle furiously, and screamed against the hand covering her mouth. She heard a dark chuckle close to her ear as her head was pulled to the side, exposing her neck. She felt lips press against her neck, then teeth biting gently into her. They didn't break the skin but it sent fear racing throughout her body. Her hands pulled at the one covering her mouth but it was in vain. Her captor was to strong. She could feel the muscles bunching in his arms as he held her. Lily started to cry out against the hand. Trying to get his attention so he could hear her. But her captor just ignored her.

Suddenly, her captor's quick movements had her spinning. She looked up and saw green eyes reflecting in the moonlight. It was Gregori! He let her go and stepped back. "Gregori! What the hell are you doing?" She nearly yelled. But all he did was smile at her, showing her his teeth. His teeth looked to be growing bigger, longer and sharper. Her heart thudded with fear in her chest as she kept watching him. "Run." Was all he said as he began shifting. The alley was long. Long enough for her to get a little was before she felt a heavy body tackling her. She screamed as teeth sank into her teal ding flesh. But it was cut short as the beast tore her throat out. A long drawn out wolf howl sounded out into the night. Setting the neighborhood dogs to howling and yipping.
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Snack Before Dinner
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