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 Emma Taytum

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Through the mist and neon lights emerged a lonely soul into the eventide. Who are they? Shall they be welcomed? What is their fate?

Played by: Emma

Emma Taytum


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Annasophia Robb

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Emma Taytum Night-11

"Rise above the night and return to the light of day..." -Unknown

It was a gift. She was a gift. The day that her parents looked into those stormy eyes was a chance to see life. She was born beautiful, a bundle of joy with red hair and pale eyes, alabaster skin to bath in the moonlight blissfully. She was an heir to the throne of a pack in the forests of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Nobody doubted for a second the fact that she could be the perfect queen, better than her mother, better than her grandmother. The pack was large, and as she grew, she feared she could never meet the expectations everyone demanded from her.Her fighting skills improved, the ability to send fear shooting down peoples spines already in her blood, being the daughter of the alpha and alphess. To a human, she was like an angel, perfect in every way. To a werewolf, she was a terrorist, as if just looking at her was a death sentence. Of course, it was all for a waste. One mistake would haunt her and turn her to dust in the history of the pack.

A walk into town was all she asked, just to see the transfixed stares of men as the young teen walked alone, so vulnerable and innocent. She had seen them before, while she was hunting those who thought they were hunters. It was a blissful life, and as soon as her parents stared into those metallic eyes, they granted her the wish. She went alone. She was sixteen at the time, so she stole a car from a nearby rental place. She went into town, smiling at the men she passed. It was incredible. A young teenager already preparing to see the dangers of practically encouraging men to come and track her down. She was amazing, and somehow, she made it into a bar. Not one person complained as she walked in with a pair of short shorts and a crop top. She didn't drink, but she let the men try to steal her from one and other, fights breaking out all over the place. She enjoyed watching them beat each other for a pointless reason, for she was as smart as she was deceiving. She found her way out of every corner, surrounded by the thirsty men. Eventually she left. She had a plot to get rid of those who followed her, so she sped away to get the head-start she needed, then she left the car on the side of the road... after lighting a match to it. She watched as the men threw little tantrums as they saw the afterimage of the girl they fell in love with, the only thing meaning she could be dead. She smirked as the police sirens wailed in the distance, and she took off back to her pack lands.

When she returned home, she was greeted with worried hugs and tears of relief. Confused, she told everyone that she was fine... not a scratch on her and thankfully still a virgin. But then she had to face the wrath of her parents. First her mother smacked her so hard it left a red hand print on her cheek. She cried out, for she had never been injured. She had never experienced true pain. Her father screamed in her ear so loud it left ringing in her head, telling her that she shouldn't have left the car on fire, because now the police would hunt the culprit or the dead body. After they finished, she left. Crying and alone, she left. She ditched her only chance at leadership, her only chance of acceptance.

As she was running, suddenly her leg snapped. She screamed, collapsing as then her other leg, then both her arms. Bone after bone began to randomly break for no reason. She finally realized what was happening as her skin turned into a pelt of fur, mixtures of red and tan with black on her chest and face and snaking down her spine. She stood now at 45 inches tall on her paws. Her face changed last, her eyes changing into a swirling storm of silver, almost turning the iris into a live thing. Fangs viciously ripped from her maw, a threat to anything and anyone. Finally, the pain ended. She let out a fierce howl, relishing in this new power she possessed. Her howl drifted into an angry snarl. And then, all muscle and power, she took off into the night while her lip remained peeled over her new weapons. 

-Two Years Later-

Immortal to aging, forever frozen at 16, Emma is still on the run. She spent a year on the Streets in New York, luring men into allies where she killed them. Someone told her about a werewolf pack in New York and that's where she's heading next, to find her way as a true monster.

Roleplay Example:

(This is from my other site, it's kinda long, sorry!)

It was a normal day.

Wandering aimlessly, across most of Aeterna’s territories, Emma wanted to escape. So much had been changing. Enelya, the guardian who had accepted Emma into the pack, was now beta. After Exorcist, the old beta whom Emma never even laid eyes on, had died by being mercilessly killed by a rogue named Insidious upon Lithriel. Emma had been there too, a witness of the blood that had been spilt on the snow and made a sickening line where the body had been dragged away. And a witness to see agony. The agony her own alphess had gone through. And not only that, but Emma messed up even worse. She had tried pulling the alphess by herself and ended up probably injuring her further. Emma didn’t remember what happened after that, except that everything was smooth around her, while inside she was having a panic attack like a hive of angry bees, bouncing off her bones and rattling her insides. Now Enelya was in charge until Iceis healed, and nobody knew how long it would take.

So, Emma wanted to escape. The havoc and the craziness of it all, the insanity of the pack which she used to think would be the escape she was looking for. Though in the end, Aeterna was what she was running from. She couldn’t think straight anymore, just thoughts buzzing endlessly in her head, unable to focus on just one, for it would get lost in a swarm of many others.

Eventually, Emma’s paws found Neutral territories. She wasn’t even sure where she was going, just away from the noise and toward the peace and silence. That’s what she needed right now. Silence. In the distance, a bird sang a merry tune and threw Emma’s concentration off again. She gave up. She slowed down and trotted to a large tree. Underneath it’s shade from the warm summer sun, she pressed her head to the wooden truck of the plant. She closed her eyes and sat like that for who knows how long, just awaiting the moment when she would collapse in a fit of tears and sadness.

It never came. She finally got herself back together though and started walking north. Yes, north was good. North was to Svanhvit Fell, where she could play in the misty waters and enjoy a bit of fun for the first time in ages. She began trying to sift through her thoughts again, a desperate attempt to hold onto sanity. With no avail, she was unable to complete the task at hand.

She tripped, which once again snapped her to attention, only to have her faceplant in a mud puddle. Angry with letting herself be so distant from what was going on around her, she stood up, shaking the brown wetness from her fur. Yet, it still clung to her, and she realized she would have to live with it until she got to the gulch. She let out a frustrated growl. Nothing annoyed her more than mud, because it sits there and cakes to whatever it is that it is on. She took a determined step forward though, and tried to split her attention between keeping herself calm, trying to recollect her thoughts, and watching her surroundings.

How she did it, she wasn’t sure. She passed place after place, finally ending up at the fell. She wondered what the view would be like if she managed to get up upon the ledge, where she could look over her entire home. Candenta was her home. She may have never laid paws on two thirds of it, but that one third she has, and she had never seen it put altogether. She cocked her head, looking at where the falling water tumbled toward where the river was split into two. It raged with a fierceness that she admired farther south, and yet stayed calm as it reached northern waters. Now if only I could do that… she thought miserably. She immediately focused on how the rocks jutted out of the white foam viciously in the rapids.

She set her jaw angrily again. She climbed to the top of the ledge, overlooking the land. She reached the edge precariously, and yet, with a determined attitude, she placed her paws right where the rock fell away. A voice suddenly called out to her, and she jumped, fearful of how the voice seemed to be in her head, and not physically filling the air. “Emma….” She spun around, jumping away from the edge and she quickly shifted into a battle position. She hadn’t put fighting on her agenda for today, but you do only live once.

“Emma…!” the voice was more of a groan now, full of agony and pleasure at the same time. She shook her head, trying to get it out. She clenched her teeth together, not realizing she was moving. She closed her eyes, and she tripped again. But this time, the ground wouldn't be able to catch her. And like a rock, she plummeted out of the sky, falling in thin air as she overstepped into nothingness. She couldn't help but let out her howl of terror as she fell. Finally, her back hit the water, and the air flew out of her like a sudden gust of wind. It was like slamming into a rock, the impact just as dangerous and harmful.

Everything that happened after that was a blur. She was swept into the river, it’s waves tossing her around like a rag-doll. She gasped as she was pulled under, and she struggled to get back up to the surface. There was no hope, and another wave crashed over her head and pushed her down so far that her shoulder scraped the gravel and rocks on the bottom. “Emma! Come play with me!” the voice called again. She screamed through her closed maw, shaking her head in terror. “Emma!” The voice was so demanding. So powerful.

Was this the way to death? To hear voices in your head, yelling and down-right making you follow them toward the blackness that dying brought with it? She shook her head again. You’re not going to die, Emma. You’re going to live through this! Just kick! KICK!

And she did. She kicked her back legs off the bottom, launching herself upward again. Her head broke the surface and she sucked in a much-needed breath. COME ON EMMA! GET TO THE FREAKING SHORE!

She was crying, mixing with the water that covered her entire body. She started moving like a snake, waving her entire body toward the sandy shore. She cried out. Her foreleg had gotten caught between two rocks. She tried yanking it free, pulling and eventually, it was, but it still sent pain lancing up her limb. EMMA!!!!!!

“Emma…” the voice was gentle now. “Please, please make it to the shore!” Emma nearly lost control with her shock. The voice that was dragging her to death was now cheering her on to live. Everything was so messed up. She let out a bloodcurdling scream, then ending it in a howl, calling for help. She knew that no one would make it in time, but at least now they could come and look for her body. A wave slammed into her side, and she was thrown toward the side of the river. The pain wasn't enough to mean severe damage, but she screamed again anyway.

She couldn't keep this up much longer. The pain was making it so much harder, her leg was sending electric shocks of pain through her body mercilessly. It was harmony almost. Pure agony to go along with the coming death. How fitting.

And then came the dark. She hit her head on another rock, and she blacked out almost immediately. She fell limp, and her body floated down the river. Now the river seemed calmer, she had probably reached the soft side of Svanhvit Fell. She was no longer trying to be tossed around like a leaf in the fall air. It was silent. Her body washed up on the shore, the waves gently lapping over her in which she still lay halfway in the water.


“Emma! Emma, over here!” a joyous voice called. Emma rolled from her side to her stomach, confused. Was it all a dream? She was in Basilisk Breath, where she used to live with her parents and her siblings. She looked around. It was summer, the snow dripping very slowly off the trees. It may be the warmest season, but it was still Candenta. She frowned. Where did the voice come from?

Suddenly, something slammed into Emma’s back. With a loud “oof!” she went sprawling across the clearing where she laid. Yet she felt no pain. She stood up and shook her pelt, looking for the thing that hit her. And what she saw was incredible. She cried out happily. Before her, a gray wolf, strong and bold, powerful and beautiful. And her sister.

“Emma!” the fae howled with delight, then bowling into her again and pinning Emma’s shoulders to the soft soil. “Gah get off me you big oaf!” Emma yipped playfully. A mask of mock hurt fell over the silver wolf’s maw. “Oh, okay. Sorry to bother you.” The she wolf slipped off of Emma and turned as if she was going to walk away. But Emma knew her tricks. “Come on! Get back here you little-!” Emma tackled her sister, gray pelt mixing with her ginger one. They were both laughing as they started rolling in the grass.

The game continued for ages. Finally, Emma remembered the truth. She rolled from her back to her stomach as she had done when she woke up and figured that questions were going to be like bullets, and now she was firing her machine gun.

“Am I dead? Is that why I’m here with you?” Emma asked. The gray fae looked down solemnly. She stood up and paced back and forth, trying to decide a good way to answer the question, Emma supposed. “Well?” Emma urged.

“You’re not dead. Just in a coma. You’re brain swelled and you will only awake if the sanatores get to you in time… But there’s no telling how long it will take someone to find you…”

“And, what if they don’t find me?” Emma prompted.

The gray wolf didn’t answer. She just stood there, head hung, eyes down, tears in her eyes. Emma cried out in anger. She should’ve howled more, she should’ve brought someone with her. She could’ve taken a walk with Max, or even Midnight! If Iceis wasn’t hurt, would she mind traveling with the Gamma? She knew that she couldn’t ask Enelya. She had just been given her rank and she was in charge until Iceis was better. Emma was happy for the beta, but she was still angry how she let this happen.

“And if I die?” Emma asked, breathless.

She shook her head. “I don’t know, Emma. I really don’t know. But I’ve seen how people view you, and you were smart to let out that howl. Someone will come.”

And then everything faded away. The sun, the clearing, Emma’s sister. It all vanished. Everything was black, a crushing darkness that was already bringing death upon her. She was trapped inside her head, alive, but surrounded by the blackness. A voice sounded in her ears though, a quiet whisper that sung her to sleep.

“Hush a bye. Don’t you cry. Go to sleepy little baby. When you wake, you shall have. All the pretty little ponies. Blacks and bays, dapples and grays. All the pretty little ponies. Hush a bye. Don’t you cry. Go to sleepy little baby. And when you wake… You shall have. All the pretty little ponies…”

The voice slowly departed, leaving Emma with a gentle and soothed feeling with her. She could’ve sworn that she smiled, although physically she was unable to, but on the inside, a bright light swarmed her. It took over her body. She could feel herself fading. She could just… she could feel herself going into the light… But a voice hissed in her ear and she held onto life.


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Emma Taytum
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