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 Safi's Charrie Plots

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PostSubject: Safi's Charrie Plots   Safi's Charrie Plots EmptySat May 09, 2015 4:47 pm


True Love

Savannah has had a tough beginning in life. Her family and her pack has been slaughtered, the one responsible for their deaths thinks he has a claim on her. With both human and wolf shying from males, it's a hard life to live. Never mind being on the run from one whom wishes to claim her. Savannah is a sweet girl. She has a very loving personality and will gladly welcome anyone who wishes to be a friend. With guys though it may take a bit for her be be comfortable around. She enjoys classical instrumental music. Her favorite instrument to listen to is the chinese erhu.  For her to have a love, he needs to earn her trust. To understand why she is the way she is. The guy needs to have patience and a protective streak. But if he gets too bossy and jealous easily, he needs to just move on. Savannah is a girl that knows her own mind.

Trusted Friend

With her friends and family gone, Savannah is in need of a trusted friend. A best friend that she can confide in, to tell her worries and fears to.



The Guardian
For so long he has been searching for a purpose in his life since his change. Since that night he had been trained in battle and he had found a way to empty his mind of everything. After that dark night Aristos had turned into a killing machine; slaying anyone who had a price over their head. A mercenary he had become, but, every now and then he would take up the offer to protect an important person. Now it is decades later and he is just a man looking for a mission yet again. Whom will higher this man and his skills?
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Safi's Charrie Plots
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