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 Brittle Bones - Unique Post-Aco Supernatural Sandbox Rp

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Mad Hatter

PostSubject: Brittle Bones - Unique Post-Aco Supernatural Sandbox Rp   Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:29 pm


The Great Flood caused the world to change forever. Once highly populated continents lost to the oceans.
Strange new lands erupting from the sea, due to the heaving of tectonic plates.
Civilization must pull itself together, as new government forms and individuals are allotted citizen classes.
Five species now roam the undiscovered lands of this new continent Kumali.
All the while the Breach, in the sky allow the passage of wild magic, strange spirits and untold secrets pass through.

Come, join us in the year 2200 after a great flood has destroyed all that we once understood.
The world will never be the same. A dawning of a new era is upon us.
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Brittle Bones - Unique Post-Aco Supernatural Sandbox Rp
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