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 Aristos Night

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Through the mist and neon lights emerged a lonely soul into the eventide. Who are they? Shall they be welcomed? What is their fate?

Aristos Night

800 years old

Sexual Orientation:



Coven/Clan - Rank  Serpenta - personal Guard?

David Gandy




Aristos is a tall vampyre, at six foot seven. His shoulders are broad and ripple with muscles, that look like they could tear someone's head off very easily. But he can be surprisingly gentle. His legs are, some would say, large as tree trunks. Though large and well built, one would think Aristos would just blunder around. No, not this guy. Aristos moves with a feline grace, as if he were a jungle cat. Surprisingly, he had this graceful movement when he was still human. As he aged when he was human, a smile came easily to his lips, lighting his blue eyes with warmth. His hair is dark brown, that tends to curl a little in the front like surperman. Now, as vampyre, Aristos has pale, almost white skin, that is a hard as marble, along with long nails. Though he does have a slight tan. He has an accent when he speaks. It is the sound of the old world but he has managed to keep up to date with the slang and speech now-a-days. He also keeps his wardrobe up to date as well, with money being inconsequential. He likes to wear his long hair in a braid, so it would be much easier to fight, but at times during his long life he has had it cut short. But what shouldn't be surprising to anyone, Aristos has a bevy of weapons strapped beneath his clothing. Though he thinks that a kind black trench coat is cliché, he still finds it amusing to wear one as it is effective in hiding his arsenal. At his hip, Aristos wears a long sword that, through the centuries, he has kept cleaned, polished, and honed to a wicked sharp edge. His other hip sports a short sword that, like his long sword, is still deadly looking. Across his chest, he wears a double belt of deadly looking throwing knives, while at his back he has an unstrung bow made of yew in a leather quiver of arrows. The arrows are a mix of the best store bought with some that he has made himself. But he has had a new addition to his armory; a pair of .44 magnums strapped into holsters at his thighs.

An easy nature did this man have growing up. He was always ready to laugh. His smile infectious to those around him, inviting them to join in with the fun. Since Aristos has been changed however, a smile rarely places itself upon his lips. The color of his sky blue eyes had changed as well. They had turned to a light amber color and while amber is always thought of as warm, his eyes are anything but warm. He is a predator, a hunter. Long has it been for him since he had been changed. Hunting those that wished to try and harm what he protected. He has found that he didn't need a lot of blood, but, being a hunter he found raft he liked the taste and the energy buzz of strength it had given him. He is wary of werewolves as he had come across a few who were less than welcoming. A few he has made friends with but not very many. He does however, find it amusing to follow along with the vampyre cliché by wearing a long black trench coat.

Aristos had been born in the 1200's to and ordinary farmer with a wife and two other sons. The youngest of the three and the most care free, he was always happy. He played harmless jokes on everyone though he knew when not to press his luck and they always let him get away with it. He was never a lazy sod; preferring to help with anything. Happy were the days as he and his two brothers worked the farm. They laughed and played but never shirked their chores. They herded the sheep, milked the cow for butter and cheese and collected the eggs from the chickens. But everything good must come to an end.

He was in his twenties, well past the time to have chosen a wife have a family of his own. Their mother was pushing him to choose a bride, had even set him up a few times but to no avail. His two older brothers had already had their families for years now and had a few children born to them as well. He had gone to the town tavern for a drink. Music had filled the air, as well as smoke from tobacco pipes and the hearth fire crackling merrily. He grabbed a seat at the bar and a mug of ale was seton front of him. Laughing and good natured humor floated around him. Suddenly a shadow passed by him and he turned to look. When he did his green eyes started at a woman with wavy mousey brown hair. She wasn't the most attractive woman, but she wasn't homely looking either. What she was, was pretty. Her mousey hair was wavy, tending to curl at the bottom as it fell a little past her shoulders. Her skin was a golden tan, telling of the long hours she spent outside. Her figure, when he eyed her up and down, was a little shapely as her bodice dress clung to her figure. She took a table in the corner, one that was out of the way and wouldn't draw much attention. Aristos though was enraptured by her so he got a small glass of sweet wine and another mug of ale.

He made his way carefully to her for now he was getting on in size from all the work on his own farm. When he came to a stop at the woman's table, she glanced up, a bit startled at his size and tried to shrink away a fraction. Gently, he had set the cup of wine in front of her, his voice a gentle rumble as he spoke. "I thought you might like a drink." He said, a bit tongue tied and at a loss for what to say. It was the beginning of love for him, but it wouldn't last.

Three years flew by and saw them happily married and living content on his own farm. Such love did the couple have for one another that it shone as brightly as the sun ever did. They were happy and the urge for children hung over his wife. She wanted a son to give to Aristos and a daughter for herself, that was all she asked after being together for those short years. Then she found herself heavy with child a year later, much to her delight. But for Aristos it was fear. Fear for the wife that he loved with all his heart and soul. The pregnancy was a strain on his young wife. Her belly ballooning out to unbelievable proportions on her small frame. She could barely eat anything and when she did it would just come back up. She bled throughout the pregnancy and Aristos mother and town midwife and healer were baffled at how she could be holding onto the baby. Dark circles appeared under her eyes and she walked hunched over her swollen abdomen. But, her will strong, Aristos' wife held on until the day finally came when life was to come forth. Hours passed that saw him pacing worriedly in the front room of his house. His brothers were there, showing him their support in the unlikely outcome of their sister in law.

Suddenly, the door opened and the healer came out. Blood covered his arms up to his elbows. It was down his front as well. Aristos took one look at the solemn face of the healer and gave a cry of denial as he rushed to his wife. She lay there upon their bed, so pale and drawn with blood soaking the bedding beneath her. Aristos fell to his knees beside the bed and held her hand, kissing it and employing her to awaken. But she remained still, her eyes remaining closed and her chest not rising with the breath of life. Tears flowed down his cheeks, as he begged her to rise. When she didn't he sobbed great wracking sobs that shook his entire being. The healer could not get through to him to tell him that his children too were gone. Instead the healer told his brothers, that there had been two, the boy and girl that his wife had wanted.

After the funeral Aristos drew into himself. Depression making him barely leave his house. The only thing that did make him go outside were the animals that were his to care and maintain. As a few years passed by he took to drinking heavily, not caring how he looked as the depression worsened. Everyone stayed away from him. No longer was he the happy soul that he had been, but a stranger now. One night he was staggering back from the tavern as the sun was descending upon the horizon. He didn't care what happened to him anymore, there was nothing for him to live for. He stumbled then, right into the arms of a stranger that hugged his large frame. He tried to push the stranger away but found that even though the stranger was smaller than he, was stronger and had skin as hard as stone. "Take this gift I give to you, and know that honor has found you worthy to bare it. In time my son you will find another." the stranger proclaimed and sank his fangs into the large man. Before the last drop of blood was drunk, the stranger slit his wrist and pressed it to Aristos's mouth urging him to drink deeply.

Roleplay Example:

1427- London
Rain sliced down from the heavens in sheets, drowning everything in its cold fury as thunder snarled an angry growl. Lightening flashed it's great bolts of cracklings electricity, lighting everything up as bright as daylight. Cold amber eyes glowed in the light, watching from beneath the water soaked cloak. Water dripped steadily from his hood as the human ran, breathe coming in ragged pants.  His feet splashing through the deepening puddles, pounded down the cobbled road. His fear at what hunted him permeated the air. Though he didn't need the blood, Aristos felt that this human would breath his last. The human was a vagabond, a theif and rapist that had seen his last days. The day before, the vampyre had come across the remains of what the human had done to a woman and it had sent the hunter inside him to a raging fury. Women were supposed to be loved, cherished and protected above all else. Not brutally tortured, raped and then slaughtered to be thrown in the gutter like trash. It didn't take him long to find the despicable creature and now he was feeling what his victims had felt. Terror and helplessness.

Quick as the lightening that was flashing all around, Aristos flung one of his knives. It landed with a thud in the middle of the mans back. The blade had severed his spine dropping him instantly to the ground where he lay there writhing in excruciating pain. Calm as can be, Aristos walked to the disgusting creature and stared down at him. His cold amber eyes held no mercy for the man on the ground that pleaded for his life. [color=brown]"Why should I show you mercy, when all the ones that you have killed in the past also begged for mercy. Pleading for their lives, yet you were deaf to their pleas. Instead you laughed at them. Sneering at them that as you took what you wanted and cast their bloody remains aside to move onto the next." Aristos didn't yell, but the quiet controlled voice spoke of the predator that dwelled within. Hunger flashed in his light amber eyes as he pulled the man up by the front of his shirt as if he were a sack of small apples. The man screamed when the fiery pain burned throughout his body but as feral fangs plunged into the mans neck he screamed anew. His blood exploded in Aristos mouth and he drained the man dry as his screams turned to whimpers then barely breathing gasps. When the man was still, Aristos let go of him. The body crumpled to the ground in a heap and with that, the vampyre disappeared into the cold, wet, night.

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Aristos Night
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